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The Time for a Mouthguard

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If you ever watch professional sports, you’ve seen athletes playing with their mouthguards. We get why those types of athletes need a mouthguard – but is it really a necessity if we’re just a bunch of weekend warriors?

Well, it depends on what you’re doing, and the risk presented to your teeth. Today, we’ll help to answer that question and highlight the moments that you really do need to get a mouthguard. So let’s get started.

When you need one
Any contact sport, like basketball, football, hockey, rugby, or soccer, are moments when you really can’t afford to not have a mouthguard. A dentist spends more time than you’d think replacing teeth that were knocked out in a game.

Additionally, if you participate in any other sports or activities where there’s a risk to your teeth getting damaged, Dr. Siti Lowery strongly recommends you get a mouthguard.

What type should I get?
When you realize you need a mouthguard, you have a lot of options from which to choose. Popular ones include the “boil and bite” products you can buy at most sporting goods stores. While these work, the best results will always be what you get from our team here at Lowery Smiles in Cary, North Carolina.

This ensures that your guard is made to protect your mouth specifically, and not mass-produced to match a wide range of possible mouth sizes. You’ll notice a huge comfort difference, too, since a custom mouthguard is designed to fit just in your mouth.

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