Content Smiles: Oral Emergencies

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Even with the best of oral health care methods and routines and the best prevention and treatment plans, the truth is that you may still suffer from an oral accident or injury. Various types of injuries can occur at any time and destroy your teeth and gums as well as your jaw. However, you can provide a moderate amount of prevention by using safety equipment and oral appliances to keep your smile safe. In addition, if an oral accident does occur, emergency treatment plans are in place to minimize recovery time as best as possible.

When you think of oral health care, you can limit risks such as oral accidents and injuries that can arise. Oftentimes, individuals may suffer damage to their teeth and gums due to lost dental fillings and dental crowns. If you do lose a dental filling or dental crown, you will need to make sure you keep the vulnerable tooth safe. In the case of a dental filling, cover up the whole tooth with an over the counter dental cement or sugarless chewing gum until appropriate restorations and repairs can be given. Similarly, cover up a vulnerable tooth that has lost a dental crown with a cotton swab that is dabbed in clove oil.

If you have suffered oral accidents including knocking a tooth out completely, you will need effective emergency treatments in place to rinse out your mouth immediately and try to collect the tooth and place it in a cell growth medium or other liquid solution so that it can potentially be reinserted later. If you are lucky enough to visit your dentist within one hour of losing a tooth, you stand the greatest chance of having the tooth once again placed back in its proper socket.

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