How Floss Can Benefit Your Smile

How Floss Can Benefit Your Smile

You probably know that flossing your teeth at least once a day is essential for strong oral health and a durable smile. Do you know why that is? Lowery Smiles can tell you. Flossing:

–Removes plaque: Plaque is that white, filmy, hazardous substance that forms from bacteria in the cracks of your teeth. It can create tooth decay and gum disease. Sometimes, due to the location of the plaque, flossing is your only option for removing it and saving your smile.

–Promotes good breath: Sometimes bits of food get wedged in your molars. If this food is odorous, it can cause malodorous breath. Keep floss in your wallet or purse and you can clean those food particles away and promote a fresher and more pristine breath.

–Provides a clean smile: Most of us have experienced the awkwardness of having food stuck between your teeth in public. If you tuck floss into your purse or flossers in your wallet, you can save yourself from those embarrassing moments.

As you can see, flossing once a day can help you in many ways. So don’t forget to add flossing to your routine of brushing twice a day.

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