A Tooth Chipped by Grinding Your Teeth Might Be Repaired by an Amalgam Filling

A Tooth Chipped by Grinding Your Teeth Might Be Repaired by an Amalgam Filling

Sometimes unresolved stress can cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth while you’re sleeping. If you don’t wear a dental guard when you go to bed you could suffer a chipped tooth or dental fracture on one of the molars or premolars in the back of your mouth.

In a situation like this Dr. Siti Lowery might be able to repair the fractured tooth with an amalgam dental filling.

The treatment process starts with Dr. Siti Lowery performing a thorough examination of the tooth to determine the severity of the damage. This might also include taking a few X-rays to make sure the internal structures of the tooth have not been traumatized.

Dr. Siti Lowery will then numb the tooth and surrounding gums Then she will use a dental drill to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel. This leaves behind a perfectly clean surface to cement the dental filling.

Amalgam dental fillings are known for being durable making them a good choice for repairing a chipped molar or premolar. They are made from a blend of dental grade metals that can be somewhat malleable when they are first applied and shaped.

Once the amalgam dental filling has been cured by a special ultraviolet light it will harden and bond with the surrounding tooth enamel. This will effectively restore the full function of the damaged tooth for many years to come.

In the future it might be wise to sleep with a dental guard in your mouth to prevent additional dental damage.

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