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Oral sealants, the thin, protective coatings that deflect cavity-triggering bacteria, can be an awesome investment: what could be better to invest in than your health? Numerous of our patients have asked us about how oral sealants are installed. Here is some information for you if you have been thinking about the same thing.

Oral sealants are installed in a simple, discomfort-free procedure. To install the dental sealant, your dentist may clean your tooth in prep for the application of the dental sealant gel. When the gel is seated, it may take some minutes to solidify and develop a tight bond onto your tooth. The dentist may then get rid of the excess gel, re-dry your teeth and toughen the sealant with a blue light. Then they might perform final checks to make sure that the gel has been hardened successfully. Anyone can benefit from oral sealants, and if you’re thinking about them, then you should ask the staff at Lowery Smiles about oral sealants now.

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